Inner Blindness and Professor Pangloss

It is very unlikely that we all are as fortunate as the cartoon character whose all misadventures turn out to be of great advantage to him. One misstep may be too many for us. We often do not have the luxury to interpret the world in the way we expect and be realistic. Thus, in our case, our inner shortsightedness is not likely to be helpful. The choices we make need to be the best possible before their consequences come to see us in the eye. It is true that this is not easy. At the end, we always cannot hide in a shelter of unreasonable optimism when the consequences of our choices turn out to be less palatable.

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The website aims to show the possible origin of religion through a ‘uniquely’ human process which has links to the seclusion of girls at puberty. It also advocates the view that the Paleolithic Venus figurines are related to these puberty rites and hence, the prehistoric Venus figurines may carry a much larger meaning. Thus, Religion is something more than a throwback from our animal past.
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