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Weber’s Ideas on the Religiosity and Their Relevance in Today’s World

Max Weber wrote an influential essay on how the main religions accommodate inconsistencies between their ideal of rejecting the world and the affairs of the world. This article looks back at his essay. Full article is at: https://medium.com/next-top-writers/webers-ideas-on-the-religiosity-and-their-relevance-in-today-s-world-e390954da2be Introduction Max … Continue reading

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God in the Face of Monopolistic Competition

Religion stirs up emotional reactions in people, both for and against. But this should not prevent us from expressing our views about what we believe. The topic that I am about to discuss is not likely to be a contentious … Continue reading

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Why religion is not so bad!!!!

…………………………………. “Hauser (2005) pointed out that even though we share the overwhelming majority of DNA with chimpanzees they are not as well adapted as humans to know what the intentions of other people are.  In some situations, they do not … Continue reading

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